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Miami Beach kiteboarders and sunbathers are locked in bitter conflict

The Miami Beach City Commission will vote tomorrow on the matter

Hurricane Sandy's Winds Hit Florida Coast Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images

There’s an ongoing bitter feud between kiteboarders and non-kiteboarders on Miami Beach, and the Miami Herald reports on the months-long battle.

On one side: there’s kiteboarders, who want to enjoy the sport that they’ve spent thousands of dollars on without hassle (billionaire Richard Branson is in this camp). Then there are beachgoers who think that the kites are dangerous (some fear decapitation by kite, with the Miami Herald says has never happened).

It all may come to a head tomorrow, when the Miami Beach City Commission votes on the matter. Wednesday’s vote will determine the beach territory that kiteboarders can legally use, and whether or not the city should ban kiteboarding in all but three locations on the beach — 35th Street, 84th Street and Ocean Terrace.