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This Miami golf course could be the MLS soccer stadium’s new home

It may be an alternative to the Overtown site

MLS Announces New Team In Miami Photo by Eric Espada/Getty Images

Miami City Manager Emilio González floated another option for Miami’s MLS soccer stadium rather than Overtown, the Miami Herald reports. David Beckham’s partner Jorge Mas met with González about the city-owned Melreese golf course, which could have more room for Mas’s ambition plans involving retail, a soccer academy, and more. Mayor Francis Suarez said that Melreese could be an answer to where to put the stadium in light of Overtown residents’ apprehension.

“I’ve expressed a lot of concern over the last few months about the Overtown site, based on resident concerns in Spring Garden and Overtown,” Suarez told the paper. “The pushback definitely was a concern.”

The plan would be to lease a portion of Melreese to the Beckham group, and voters could ultimately decide on it via a referendum. Read more of the details here.