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Rent prices have been somewhat stable in Miami in 2018, study says

Miami still ranks 11th nationwide in terms of the most expensive rental markets 

Jury Finds City Of Miami Defrauded Bond Investors Again Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images

This might be a bit of a relief to renters in Miami: apartment search site ABODO recently released its March 2018 National Apartment Report featuring new data and pricing for Miami, and Miami rents are have only increased slightly since last month.

”In terms of rent increase or decrease from February to March, Miami saw a slight increase in pricing for both one-bedroom and two-bedroom units,” researchers from ABODO said. “Prices today in Miami stand at $1,832 for a one-bedroom apartment and $2,447 for a two-bedroom unit. This past month, one-bedroom pricing increased at a rate of 0.42%, while two-bedroom pricing increased by 0.74%.”

Here’s the good news: according to ABODO, “overall, rent prices have been somewhat stable in Miami throughout the start of 2018 and this is bringing welcomed relief to renters in one of the nation’s fastest growing cities.”

If you’ll remember, Miami ranks 11th nationwide in terms of the most expensive rental markets with a median one-bedroom price of $1,832.

Although that’s expensive for Florida (Miami is also the only Florida city in the top-25 for most expensive markets), at least it’s nowhere near San Francisco, where prices for one-bedrooms have now topped $3,300.