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Development plans are in the works for historic downtown Macy’s building

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Aetna Realty Group is planning a mixed-use project

Burdines And Macy's Unit Under One Name

What’s going to happen to the landmark Macy’s building downtown once it closes? Miami Today spoke with David Braka, vice president of Aetna Realty, about the company’s plans to renovate the Flagler Street store.

The plan could involve building two adjacent 50-story or 55-story towers on either side of the Macy’s building. The project would be mixed-use with retail, office, hotel, and residences. For fans of the exterior, watch out, because there’s this tidbit:

“There are plans to keep the original building, but most of the engineers and the architects are guiding us to a new building,” he said. “There aren’t any necessary problems with the old building, but the benefit of starting brand new is you can build it how you want it to satisfy the tenants’ needs.”

Work on the project could begin within three years.