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There’s a proposal to switch Florida to daylight saving time year-round

This might get confusing

Major US Tourist Destinations Experience Drop In Visitors Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images

If some Florida lawmakers have their way, you might never have to adjust your clocks to “spring forward” again. The state Senate passed the ”Sunshine Protection Act” yesterday in less than one minute with only two dissenters, CNN reports. The bill would keep Florida on Day Light Saving Time all year round.

To make it happen, Gov. Rick Scott and Congress would have to approve. If it happens, the sunrise and sunset in Florida would be an hour later, and the Miami Herald talked to folks on either side of the argument. The pros include cooler morning jogs for runner and extra daylight after the sun sets in the rest of the Eastern Time Zone. Confusion over tv show schedules, conference calls, and airline itineraries are among the cons.