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Miami Beach City Commission sets new rules for kiteboarders

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Will this make both sides happy?

Massive Hurricane Irma Bears Down On Florida Photo by Marc Serota/Getty Images

After an entrenched feud between kiteboarders and beachgoers who feared the high-flying sport put them in danger, the Miami Beach City Commission issued a unanimous vote on the matter yesterday. The Miami Herald reports that there are now new rules stating that experienced kiteboarders will be allowed on certain zones in the beach.

As long as kiters are certified level three riders and they stay 50 feet away from swimming zones, it’s fair game to head to a patch of 25th Street and everywhere north of 29th Street. The off-limits areas include south of 24th Street and between 25th and 29th streets. Kiteboarders also must use the beach only for launching and landing and stay 200 feet from shore.

If you want to take this up as a hobby, you’ll be limited to a “designated learning beach” on 76th Street. Read all the rules here.