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Wynwood takes a page from the Netherlands with a street shared by cars, bikes, and pedestrians

A “woonerf” is in the works

Wynwood Business Improvement District/Facebook

Miami commissioners approved a contract yesterday with a Brooklyn firm to design the “city’s first true shared street” in Wynwood, reports Andres Viglucci of the Miami Herald. It’s a design concept borrowed from the Dutch: a “woonerf” is a street that’s mainly for pedestrians but also fare game for cars and bikes, with planters and landscaping to slow down drivers and provide some green space.

NYC’s Local Office Landscaping is going to transform the streets and area around the zebra-striped Wynwood Building. Meanwhile, Arquitectonica GEO is working on a tree and landscape master plan for Wynwood.

Woonerfs aren’t a new idea for Wynwood: in 2015, they were a key component of Miami City Commission’s masterplan.