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Is Miami ready for flying cars?

Real estate developer prepares locals for flying cars by debuting the first residential skyport atop Paramount Miami Worldcenter.

Paramount Miami Worldcenter

Real estate developer, Dan Kodsi, believes residents of the Magic City are ready for flying cars. So much in fact, he’s preparing for their arrival by building the first residential skyport in Miami-Dade County at Paramount Miami Worldcenter.

Watch this virtual reality tour that places you in the 27-acre mixed-use development in Downtown Miami.

Paramount Miami Worldcenter is excited to be at the forefront of urban aviation with what can one day be the first residential skyport in Miami,” says Kodsi.

Kodsi has already began making modifications to the rooftop design of the tower so it can accommodate a 5,000 square foot skyport.

Urban air taxis, or flying cars if you grew up watching the Jetsons animated TV show, are not a fictional concept. The aviation and transportation industries view the vehicles, which will use airspace, as a cure to traffic congestion and a catalyst to quicker, daily commutes on the ground.

“The future of transportation is here within the next 10 to 15 years and urban aviation is closer to reality than you might expect,” says Kodsi. “These vehicles are more like a helicopter, but much quieter, run electronically and are environmentally friendly.”

In 2017, Uber Elevate inked a deal with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration to start testing air taxis in urban cities such as Dallas-Fort Worth, Los Angeles and Dubai in 2020.

“One day, Paramount Miami Worldcenter residents could seamlessly ride a sleek glass elevator up to the luxury tower’s private rooftop, where they could be picked up or dropped off by on-demand aircraft,” says Kodsi. “Imagine traveling from Miami to Palm Beach—a drive that takes the better part of two hours—in about 30 minutes. That stop-and-go traffic to the suburbs could become a burden of the past for Paramount residents.”

Paramount Miami Worldcenter and its accompanying skyport will be completed by spring 2019.

Paramount Miami Worldcenter

1010 NE 2nd Ave., Miami, FL 33132