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Miami Beach officials target misleading tavern owners on Ocean Drive

New rules say restaurant owners must clearly show menu pricing and service charges—or incur a penalty.

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It’s happened to the best of us: You’re at a restaurant on Ocean Drive and the cocktail that you ordered comes with a service charge that totals your bill to $50.

This scenario will no longer be a reality courtesy of the Miami Beach City Commission. This month, city officials added a new set of rules that target tavern owners who overcharge people through misleading sale tactics that involve prices for drinks and outdoor tables.

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The rules aim to “improve the way some bad apples have been treating our customers on Ocean Drive,” says Commissioner Mark Samuelian. “We’re trying to ensure that the customer has clarity on what they’re going to pay.”

The rules require owners to show all prices—including service fees—for food and drinks. Owners who choose not to comply can have their business licenses’ revoked.

In January, La Baguette restaurant was closed by city officials after a sting resulted in citations for hiding menu prices from their guests that used their sidewalk tables. City officials say La Baguette will remain closed for six months so the owners can draft new menus for approval.

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