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Keyless entry comes to South Florida apartments with Latch start-up

The smart lock system is scheduled for installation in properties located in Wynwood, Fort Lauderdale, Hallandale Beach, and Kissimmee.


South Floridians are one step closer to the future promised by The Jetsons, courtesy of smart home technology. Latch, a smart home start-up, created the first smart lock system for apartment buildings.

The start-up partnered with five development firms—Related Companies, East End Capital, Integra Investments, Encore Capital Management, and Newgard Development Group—to install keyless entries into residential properties in Wynwood, Fort Lauderdale, Hallandale Beach, and Kissimmee.

Latch is a smart lock system that is installed into each unit and throughout the building. Users can access their lock using an app.

Here’s how it works: A resident locks and unlock doors anywhere in her building—including doors to the lobby, her apartment unit, the gym, the rooftop, and other amenity spaces.

“We’re honored to work alongside Related, East End, Encore, and Integra to make its residents among the first in South Florida to experience the future of modern convenience living,” says Ali Hussain, Latch’s chief operating officer. “There is incredible consumer demand for smart home products right now, and our partners are leading the way to make sure their residents can have these convenience experiences in an apartment setting.”

The app offers thousands of residents in Miami-Dade, Osceola, and Broward counties other amenities aside from a keyless entry. For instance, it lets residents see images of every interaction by a nonresident through a wide-angle camera that’s embedded within each lock. Tenants’ packages are delivered to their building through Latch’s national delivery partners. Residents can also give access to guests through time-limited access codes.

Twenty-five Wynwood, an apartment building with 289 units located in Wynwood, is set to open in 2019 with Latch technology already installed.

The Rise Flagler Village, a luxury property in Fort Lauderdale, is slated to have the smart lock system installed on its premises.

ArtSquare at Hallandale, a 358-unit residency in Hallandale Beach, is set to open fall 2018 with Latch installed, too.

Niido, a homesharing brand powered by Airbnb, is scheduled to install the smart lock system throughout its properties starting with a 324-unit building in Kissimmee.