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Shade alert: Burger King ads show McDonald’s executives prefer flame grill taste

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In the new ads, a flame grill sits in the backyard of the former homes of McDonald’s executives.

If you didn’t already know, South Floridians love the flame broiled taste of Burger King food—even if its a Whopperito.

The burger brand, which is based in Canada, has been apart of Miami since 1959. The burger hub was launched in Jacksonville in 1953 as Insta-Burger King. In 2016, the company built its five-story headquarter office at 5505 Blue Lagoon Drive in Miami.

According to Burger King, flame-grilling is what gives the WHOPPER sandwich its iconic taste.

But did you know that McDonald executives also prefer the taste of a flame-grilled burger?

To prove it, Burger King created a series of print ads that shows some unexpected flame-grill owners—former McDonald’s executives. The ads show scenic images of the former homes and backyards of McDonald’s employees—each with a grill, showing their preference for flame grilling. In each shot, a sign reads “flame-grilling is hard to resist.”

The print ads will run in newspapers nationwide including the South Florida Sun Times.