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Tenants of Hialeah mobile home get 6-month eviction letter

Tenants of a Hialeah mobile park community face eviction by new Delaware-based owners.

Two Delaware-based limited liability companies have given residents of Sunny Gardens mobile home park in Hialeah a six month eviction notice, according to Local10 News.

The 10-acre property off of Okeechobee Road and West 16th Street is currently under the management of Pure Vida Apartments and Professional Management Inc.

The Delaware-based companies purchased the Miami property for nearly $12 million in March, public records show.

Current tenants received a letter Monday that says they must find a new home within six months.

”We will [be] changing the use of the land comprising the mobile home park from mobile home lot rentals to some other use,” reads the letter.

The eviction notice comes as a surprise to many longtime residents at Sunny Gardens.

The homeowners, who are older and have resided in the community for decades, claim that despite being served a six month notice, the property owner has already cut off the outdoor water supply in an effort to push them out.

Other inhabitants say the property owners continue to expect timely rent despite their looming eviction.

Pure Vida Apartments and Professional Management Inc. offered residents $1,500 for single trailers and $2,500 for double trailers but the residents rebuffed them, saying they were small in comparable to the value of their trailer homes.