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Bike-sharing service Lime, reaches 100,000 rides in Miami

May is National Bike Month

Photo credit: Lime

Lime, a smart bike-sharing service that first launched in Key Biscayne, announced it reached over 100,000 rides since its arrival in June 2017.

Lime provides a fleet of green-and-yellow electric scooters and bicycles. They debuted April 2018 in Wynwood through a partnership with the Wynwood Business Improvement District. It’s also available for use throughout Miami-Dade County including Kendall, Brickell, and Downtown Miami.

Other bike-sharing systems typically charge a city up to $5,000 per bike, but Lime’s bikes don’t require a charging dock, making them more affordable for local governments.

The Lime fleet began popping up in green spaces and parks in Miami Shores, North Bay Village, and North Miami—and now they’re being used to create smarter mobility throughout Miami. They’ve become a favorite with students at private schools such as St. Thomas University, Johnson & Wales University, and Barry University.

The bike-sharing service is easy to use.

Floridians are using them as a healthy transportation alternative.

Photo credit: Lime

“We’re amazed at what we’ve been able to accomplish together with the community here in South Florida,” Andrew Savage, Lime’s vice president of strategic development, says. “From our partnership with the community in Key Biscayne to our work with the Wynwood BID, the greater Miami area is rapidly transitioning from a city restricted by its traffic to one leading the nation in new smart mobility access.”

The bike-sharing service, with the help of municipalities, aims to improve the county's biking infrastructure by creating a framework that improves visibility of cyclists and awareness.

According to a Roland Berger consultancy report, there are nearly 600 bike-sharing operators, and the industry will expand at a 20 percent rate annually. By 2020, the market will be worth $5.8 billion.


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