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Codina Partners-developed charter school breaks ground in Miami

The school is designed by Zyscovich Architects

Getty Images/EyeEm

There’s a new charter school underway in Downtown Doral.

About 300 guests, including the vice mayor of the City of Doral Ana-Maria Rodriguez, were in attendance for its May 5 groundbreaking ceremony. The school was developed by Codina Partners and designed by Zyscovich Architects.

Photo credit: Codina Partners

“Our graduates, fully bilingual and globally aware, will be uniquely equipped to excel and lead,” Jeannette Acevedo-Isenberg, head of school at Downtown Doral Charter Schools, says. “The educational experience at DDCUS will prepare them for college and the world.”

The charter school’s proposed name is the Downtown Doral Charter Upper School. It will admit students from grades six through 12 who previously attended Downtown Doral Charter Elementary School.

DDCES is notable in Miami-Dade County for its A rating. It’s ranked as a top-five school in Miami-Dade County’s Public Schools.

The first of the Downtown Doral Charter Schools was established in 2015 and is the main feeder school for DDCUS students.

The Downtown Doral Charter Upper School will be ready for admission in the 2019-2020 school year. Parents can pick up an application for grades six through nine on October 1, 2018.