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Miami officials target Little Haiti and Liberty City for building demolitions

The demolitions are part of the City of Miami’s effort to remove urban blight.

A building scheduled for demolition at 5527 Northwest Miami Court.
Photo credit: City of Miami

One building was demolished May 1 in Little Haiti and eight more demolitions are scheduled as part of city officials’ efforts to remove urban blight.

The property, located at 5527 NW Miami Court, was deemed uninhabitable after City of Miami inspectors found structural damage, such as missing windows and doors; damaged electrical wiring, plumbing, rooftop, and framing; and fire-related damages.

Through the Safe City Initiative, City of Miami officials are getting rid of abandoned, unsafe structures. The task force has already issued dozens of violations to landlords in Little Havana.

”Abandoned, unsafe structures often become sites of illicit activity, affecting the quality of life of area residents,” says Eugene Ramirez, director of communications for the City of Miami. “These buildings are a danger to neighborhoods and to people who illegally occupy the abandoned structures.”

The following sites in Liberty City are scheduled for demolition:

  • 1541 Northwest 69 Terrace
  • 1537-47 Northwest 69 Terrace
  • 1560 Northwest 62 Terrace
  • 1053 Northwest 55 Terrace
  • 1763 Northwest 49 Street
  • 1393 Northwest 31 Street
  • 2455 Northwest 13 Avenue
  • 1001 Southwest 15 Avenue

Officials offered shelter to squatters occupying the building.

Little Haiti

, Miami, FL 33137