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There’s a boat-filled junkyard in this Miami island

The capsized vessels were stored on Watson Island after Hurricane Irma

Photo credit: Sean McCaughan/The Big Bubble Miami

Watson Island, a neighborhood right next to Biscayne Bay, has a yacht-filled junkyard that you must see, reports The Big Bubble Miami.

The graveyard, which houses abandoned yachts that were destroyed by Hurricane Irma, is located in the parking lot of Watson Island Park near Jungle Island.

City of Miami officials used the site and the marina parking lot to consolidate Miami’s collection of capsized boats.

“What we’ve done is we’ve picked them up throughout the city and put them in one place so that we can easily and safely destroy and remove them,” City of Miami communications director, Eugene Ramirez, says to NBCMiami.

Many of the vessels belonged to Watson Island residents who are now homeless after being displaced from their boat homes by Hurricane Irma, the Miami New Times reports.

According to NBCMiami, cleanup is slated for completion by June 1.

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Watson Island

, Miami, FL 33132

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