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Climate Change

Miami comes in last in a survey on electricity efficiency

Arcadia Power tracked monthly electricity usage in 15 cities

Sculptor Lorenzo Quinn created a nuclear missile installation in Wynwood

Months after Lorenzo Quinn turned heads with his Venice Biennale installation depicting giant hands reaching out of the Grand Canal, and the Italian sculptor has unveiled a powerful new piece in Miami during Art Week.

Van Alen Institute launches Miami ‘Sea-Level Rise Challenge’

The Van Alen Institute recently launched a $850,000 design initiative seeking innovative solutions to protect Miami and surrounding South Florida from the consequences of sea level rise.

Miami voters approve $400M bond tackling climate change and affordable housing

Also approved was North Beach’s rezoning efforts

Will these self-sustaining floating houses be Miami’s norm one day?

While Miami and the rest of the world won’t stop fighting in the war on climate change, perhaps some will consider living among those rising seas.

Miami Beach map shows full scope of roads that will be raised; Generators provide backup

The map snippet above (the full map is down below) displays every street in Miami Beach proposed to be raised by 2025. The visual illustrates the city’s $400 million-plus plan which is well underway.

Flood-proof Miami Beach home seeks $4m

As we were reminded less than two weeks ago, Miami Beach is among the most vulnerable areas in South Florida to flooding and a city to monitor going forward as seas rise due to climate change.

Heavy rain causes flooding in Miami Beach

Many of the streets in Miami are covered in water this evening as much as 7 inches of rain have caused flooding throughout the area.

Miami just had its hottest month ever

Miami just wrapped up its hottest month on record, per Climate Central, with July registering 0.2 degrees warmer than the previous high set in June 2010. Temperature tracking dates back to 1896.

Al Gore on climate change: ‘I think we're going to win this’

Amid making the press rounds for his upcoming documentary-style film "An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power," former VP Al Gore shared some rather mind-blowing statistics concerning climate change but also a strong sense of optimism.

South Miami mandates solar panels on new homes

South Miami has become the first city in Florida to mandate the implementation of solar panels on new homes and existing ones seeking to increase square footage by 75 percent or more, per The Real Deal.

Here’s what Miami could look like in 2100

Before you put your Miami home on the market and book a one-way ticket to Peru (or Mars), keep in mind these images—showing a drowning Miami in the year 2100—are reflective of one extreme outcome, which is far from definitive.

Miami billionaire Phillip Frost questions humans’ impact on climate change

While Miami billionaire Phillip Frost says he believes in Climate Change’s existence, he questioned the impact humans have had on the earth’s deteriorating conditions during a broad interview on WLRN’s The Sunshine Economy.

Miami Beach, City of Miami commit to upholding Paris Climate Agreement despite Trump’s withdrawal

61 mayors across the U.S. who previously pledged to ignore President Donald Trump’s climate change policies have stuck to their commitment after he announced his intent to withdraw the U.S. from the Paris climate accord.

Miami artists team up for Wynwood mural project to bring awareness to sea-level rise

Miami startup Saltmates, an app focused on connecting nearby ocean lovers while also taking direct action on environmental issues, partnered with PangeaSeed Foundation’s Sea Walls initiatives last week for their launch.

Could Miami house these floating artificial islands to combat Climate Change?

Could Miami one day house cities of floating artificial islands depicted in the above rendering? The project has shifted from fantasy to possibility, as the French Polynesian government has agreed to consider hosting the proposed city of floating private islands.

Miami Beach mayor highlights win against King Tides of 2016

"The news this year has been, there is no news"

King tides land octopus in Miami Beach garage

Captured by a realtor in the garage of Mirador 1000

Trump’s handpicked EPA transition team leader is bad news for Miami—and the planet

Myron Ebell thinks global warming is ‘nothing to worry about’

Poll: 65 Percent of Miami Real Estate Professionals 'Concerned' About Climate Change

The second year of a survey by the Miami Herald and Bendixen & Amandi International that anonymously polled 100 of Miami-Dade County's top real-estate professionals--from brokers to investors--brought some significant changes from a year ago.

Study: Miami Beach Pumps Discharging Human Poo Into Biscayne Bay

The effects of Climate Change continue to paint a terrifying picture of South Florida's future, especially on the island of Miami Beach, where pumps designed to flush water into Biscayne Bay during seasonal high tides have been confirmed to be...

Study: Miami Beach Flooding Accelerating Rapidly Since 2006

There's quite an array of perks enticing buyers to splurge on luxury residences in Miami Beach -- from cars to private-jet memberships -- but maybe it's time developers start seriously considering boats.

Study: More Than 6M Floridians Could be at Risk to Flooding

As Floridians continue to wrap their heads around climate change, a slew of studies have been trickling out, placing numbers on the impending war against global warming.

Miami Beach, FDOT Working on $25M Band-Aid to Combat Flooding on Indian Creek Drive

The city of Miami Beach and Florida Department of Transportation are working on a $25-million plan to help prevent flooding along Indian Creek Drive.

This Map Shows When Rising Sea Level Will Affect Your Miami Condo

Beware owners at the Floridian, Paramount Bay, and the Mutiny