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Miami Real Estate Market Reports

Relevant statistics, visuals, and trends relating to Miami's ever-evolving residential market.

Miami isn’t popular with millennial homebuyers, study claims

The city is near the bottom of LendingTree’s new list

Miami beats out NYC and LA when it comes to renter-to-homeowner ratios, study says

Miami’s proportion of renters is 68 percent

Miami is the country’s 4th most valuable housing market, per report

Trailing only Los Angeles (total value of $2.7 trillion), New York (2.6 trillion), and Washington (996.7 trillion), the total value of Miami’s housing market is an estimated 864.2 billion.

19 Miami metro cities ranked by median rent prices

In looking at the median rent for one bedroom apartments across the Miami metro area, we learn Homestead and Sunrise are are producing some of the fastest-rising figures in the region.

Miami rent report shows slight decrease from last year

Miami remains No. 9 in the country

Miami’s median home value rose by 7% year over year, per report

A new report by Zillow

Miami International is the most transportation-friendly airport in the nation, study says

Yes, No. 1

Lincoln Road is the 5th most expensive retail location in the Western Hemisphere

The perpetually bustling Lincoln Road in Miami Beach continues to be among the Americas’ most expensive retail streets, according to a new study.

Florida is the No. 1 destination state in the US

Florida is the top destination state in the country, according to a study by LendingTree, which declared the Sunshine State as the No. 1 new destination for 18 of the 50 states.

Miami doesn’t crack Top 25 in new Amazon HQ study

A new study by real estate research firm Reis looking at the best cities for Amazon’s second headquarters didn’t so much as sniff in Miami’s direction as a legitimate option.

Miami rents dip in October, rank 9th nationally

One bedroom median rent in Miami, which continues to rank ninth nationally, decreased by 2.8 percent to $1,750 while the national one bedroom median rent dipped by 1.4 percent.

16 Miami metro cities ranked by rent prices

While Miami continues to have the highest one-bedroom median rent in the Miami metro area at $1,800 a month, the city with the fastest growing rents is Boca Raton.

Miami’s rental market is down slightly year over year

Miami’s rental market hasn’t changed much within the last year in terms of pricing, with median one-bedroom apartments at $1,800.

Miami’s real estate market is rotten, per study

The real estate markets in Miami and Miami Beach fared very poorly in a recently WalletHub looking at the "Best Real-Estate Markets" of 2017, with both cities ranking in the bottom 5 percent of the 300 cities analyzed.

Miami rents have declined in many popular neighborhoods

Miami rents are dipping across many popular neighborhoods. While rent in the city itself still remains expensive, areas like South Beach and Downtown have shown sizable decreases

Miami is the most cost-burdened rental market again, per new study

Earlier this week we published a post highlighting how the Miami metro area (Miami-Fort Lauderdale-West Palm Beach) has the highest share of low-income renters with the "worst case needs" in the country.

Miami and Miami Beach housing markets continue to improve

While last quarter’s Elliman Report saw a housing market becoming more stable across Miami and Miami Beach, this quarter’s report reflects the two areas continuing to improve in health.

Interactive map highlights Miami’s many unaffordable neighborhoods

While rents have largely remained flat across Miami for months, that doesn’t mean the city’s most popular neighborhoods are becoming more affordable.

Miami neighborhood map shows dipping rents

While rents remain relatively high in Miami on a national scale (median rents ranked ninth in the U.S. last month), it would appear the rents in many core neighborhoods have dipped with a rising supply.

Just 11% of Miami home values have recovered, study says

While the U.S. housing market has yet to recover as a whole from the Great Recession, with a little over a third of homes (34%) surpassing their pre-recession value, Miami’s housing market is far lower than the national average with just 10.8 percent of homes recovering.

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Miami housing market trends across 12 hot neighborhoods, mapped

Earlier this morning we took a closer look at overall first quarter sales trends in both the Miami coastal mainland and Miami Beach (and its barrier islands). Now we’ll focus on the most recent sales figures but on a more localized level.

Miami ranks 9th nationally in rent as Fort Lauderdale climbs to 12th

While Miami continues to rank ninth in the country in median rent for one-bedroom units at $1800, Fort Lauderdale has climbed up to No. 12 with the same units priced at $1590.

Miller: Miami housing market is ‘entering a period of greater stability’

Among the highlights of the latest Elliman Report covering the first quarter of 2017, authored by Jonathan Miller of Miller Samuel, is the overall housing market for both the Miami coastal mainland and Miami Beach and its barrier Islands is becoming more stable.

Miami rents decreased by 5% in the last year, per report

Miami, Miami Beach, and Boca Raton are the three most expensive areas to rent, according to Zumper, which looked at over 56,000 active listings in March across 18 areas throughout South Florida.

Nearly half of Miami-area millennials live at home, study says

A higher percentage of Millennials are living at home in the Miami-area (Miami-Fort Lauderdale-West Palm Beach) than any of the other 15 Metropolitan Statistical Areas, (a population of 1 million and up).

Miami is the worst city for apartment renters, study says

Miami is the worst city for apartment renters this year, according to a study by Forbes, which analyzed 46 cities across various metrics such as "rent as a share of household income."

Miami rents stick at $1800, rank 9th nationally

Another month and not much has changed regarding Miami’s median rental prices for one-bedroom and two-bedroom units. One-bedrooms have a median asking price of $1,800.

Here's the salary needed to buy a median home in Miami

Miami residents need to earn an annual salary of around $67,000 to be able to afford a median-price home of $310,000, according to a national study from HSH that looked at 27 metro areas across the country.

Miami’s cheapest and priciest neighborhoods to rent in this winter

A new quarterly map showing Miami rents organized by neighborhood indicates prices have remained strong in surging core areas like Brickell, downtown Miami, and Edgewater.

Miami is the 109th best city to be a real estate agent, study says

While Miami being named as the 109th best city to be a real estate agent isn’t exactly something to be proud of, it does mark some nice improvement from last year’s standing of 134th in the same report.

Miami rents remain frozen in January, rank 9th nationally

One-bedroom median rents in Miami remain sticky, plateauing at $1800 for the fourth consecutive month in Zumper’s monthly rent report, while ranking ninth nationally across the country.

Miami’s preconstruction condo resale market continues its nosedive

Signs of a distressed preconstruction condo resale market are continuing, with StatFunding’s January market report indicating "the number of condos with unsold developer units is increasing."

Miller: Markets in Miami and Miami Beach reset to a lower level of sales

In taking a look at the findings from two areas, the Miami Coastal Mainland and Miami Beach/Barrier Islands, we learn both markets have reset.

Miami rents plateau in December but rise to 9th nationally

Despite Miami median rents for both one-bedrooms and two-bedrooms remaining unchanged from a month ago, the Magic City a spot to ninth nationally.

Fisher Island is the 4th most expensive zip in the US

The study utilized sales prices for 2016, which contrasts the piece compiled by Forbes, which uses listing prices.

Miami rents flatten out in latest national rent report

Miami remains the No. 10 most expensive rental market in the country with rents holding from their prices a month ago.

Study shows millennials are leaving Miami

Miami ranked 39th in millennial population growth from 2005 to 2015, which should not be surprising considering median income is falling while housing becomes more unaffordable.

South Florida continues to have the most cost-burdened renters in the country

A new year means similar results for South Florida renters, who continue to be the most cost-burdened in the country. Note: This group includes Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and West Palm Beach.

Miami drops to 10th nationally in rent

Miamians can take solace in the fact the city’s median rents are dropping, at least on a national scale, falling to the 10th most expensive rental market in the country, per Zumper.